Friday, April 30, 2010


testing 123

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  1. To Puan Halina.....

    This is Hanafee... Puan Halijah's Son. If it is any consolation to you... she went in her sleep... peacefully and smiling... I was the one born in Carbondale and basically when my family came back we picked up where we left off i guess... Its always wonderful to hear from someone who is from my moms past... they always seem to have wonderful stories about her that i might have never known if i never met them... Anyway... im working in Cheras as a Junior Lecturer and as you can see and avid writer and reader... Manto finished his PhD a couple of years ago now married with two children a daughter and a son... currently teaching Nuclear Science in UKM. Oh and if you didnt know theres a fourth... 23 years old Just graduated early august... I dont know whether these updates are important... i just assume if mama was around... these were some of the things she might want you to know :D... anyway thank you... im sure in a lot of ways... you made her life more beautiful with you in it than without... toodles! Assalamualaikum