Wednesday, March 24, 2010

jg meakin yang pertama

inilah jg meakin sunshine yang pertama kak lina dapat .harap akan ada lagi yang seterusnya.

A Trip to The National Park in Pahang

The boats/sampans which we rode
the signboard in the National Park
Last school break, my husband,son and I went to Kuala Tahan to visit the National Park. We had a fun-filled day as we had the opportunity to go jungle-trekking and a scenic boat ride in a small sampan up the Tembeling River. We had a group of 40 JPS's family members joining the trip. Being that close to nature brought back memories of yesteryears when life was easy and relaxing being young. It also brought back many happy hours with my parents and family in the kampong. We hope to bring the whole family for a return visit next time.