Thursday, October 15, 2009

Exam Fever

It has been a while since my last entry. For the past weeks I was busy for the preparation of PMR exams and the post-PMR activities for the Form three students. This year we had to distribute masks for the candidates as well as to make sure the students use sanitizer liquid to sanitize their hands before entering the exam hall. So everything must be done systematically so that students were able to enter the exam hall on time.

Well , that's for the story in school. At home, Muhammad is now staying with me so its another round of child development, this time for the grandkids.I have begun reading books on it again as raising children is more challenging now. I hope my grandkids' parents are reading and acquiring skills as parents too. Gone were the days that we assume the role of parents naturally. Now information is abundant to guide us on the skills and knowledge of raising a child, both physically and spiritually.

Often, we can see physical development. We notice that suddenly the shoes do not fit anymore and clothes have increased in size yet the mental and spiritual development are sometimes more complicated and may take us by surprise. So Diyana, Kay, Illias, Suryanti and all new parents, develop your parenting skill so that you can develop your child successfully.