Thursday, June 4, 2009

A real Holiday

My holiday starts today. The last three days I was still in school. The children are all in Kl. Unfortunately hubby is outstation so The eight of us won't be together again. I took the opportunity to mark exam papers as well as to search for my favourite porcelain old cups and saucers which I have begun collecting since last year.

Today perhaps I shall cook something special for the family(the operative word is perhaps!).I am considering whether it is 'ayam masak kicap' or 'ikan bawal masak sweet sour'. But if I were to cook any one of them, it would be no surprise for them as it has always been a standard dish for any family gatherings. So I am still thinking about it.

One of my children says that I am forever in school. Come to think of it I realize that I have never stopped going to school since I was six years old. I hope to stop in 5 years time when I retire. So until then, I am going to enjoy my holidays.


  1. Semoga kita sama-sama enjoy holidays kali ini. Saye pun since yesterday dah terjelepuk dek balik lewat dari sekolah. Makin lama makin gitu ke????Banyaknye kene berkorban masa di antara kerjaya dengan famili...Anyway happy holidays.

    p/s: Masih banyak nak marking papers. Hope dapat siap before next Friday

  2. ayark ayam msk kicap sweet sour
    sodap tuh