Friday, May 29, 2009

Teacher's Day Celebration

This morning it was the Teacher's Day celebration in school. Every year it is the same.Most of the students do not turn up on the day. This morning there was only about 20 percent of the the students in my school who were actually present.Personally to us it was not the present that we expected because we could have bought our own presents but a sincere wish from them would have made our day. By being absent it showed that they simply did not appreciate the fact that we were/are their teachers.

Anyway, that aside. It was a satisfying day because the celebration went well. So thanks teachers.And Happy holidays


  1. new bloggers' fren.
    Kak lina, ngancam u dgn winter sonata. jgn lupe update yek...

  2. haha
    Happy Teacher's day
    sry late wish
    dah lama x skolah
    dah lost track nan teacher's day